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Master Michelle White, 4th degree black belt

Ms. White began her Taekwondo journey in 1989 with World Taekwondo Masters out of Rockville, Maryland, earning her 1st degree Kukkiwon black belt in 1991.  Ms. White was a ranked National competitor in forms/poomsae 1993 and also Maryland State Champion from 1991-1993 in sparring and forms/poomsae.  She continued pursuing her Taekwondo training over the years and achieved her 4th degree Master's Taekwondo certificate in 2012.  She plans to be examined later in 2017 for her 5th degree.  Her true passion is working with children, as well as adults to attain their personal fitness goals.  Ms. White also attained her ACE Personal Training Certificate in 2010, and thoroughly enjoys working with small groups.


Andrew Patterson, 3rd degree black belt

Melanie Cohen, 2nd degree black belt

Donna Austin, 1st degree black belt

Andrew Brown, 1st degree black belt 

Angie Perez, 1st degree black belt

Andrea Hopkins, 1st degree black belt

Tania Martinez, 1st degree black belt

John Schading, 1st Degree black belt