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Lil Tigers Taekwondo

This class is geared towards children (4-6 yrs of age); focus will be on group learning in a controlled environment.  Emphasis on self control, discipline and learning to develop motor skills and flexibility.  The goal is to prepare these children for advancement into our full Taekwondo program once 7 yrs old.  Classes are 30 minutes in length, so as not to make things to difficult for their learning and development.  Our classes are also taught with a fun element, as we use different exercise equipment and partner or group games to keep things interesting for children.

ADULT & YOUTH Taekwondo

These classes are geared towards adults and youth ages 7 years old and above; focus will be on group learning in a controlled environment.  We have beginner, intermediate & advanced belts classes, as well as mixed belt classes to choose from throughout the week.  Our specific belt ranked classes will work on material that pertains to those belt levels, i.e. specific kicks or hand techniques, stance work, fundamentals that you will use in your Poomse (form), and learning your actual Poomse (form).  If you are joining a "mixed belt" class be prepared to work on kicking drills, paddle and bag drills, stamina and core exercises, as well as sparring drills and/or sparring itself.  

Our classes are mixed with adults and children, and the head instructor is very good about separating the class into mini groups to ensure all are learning and being given constructive feedback to grow and succeed in their Taekwondo journey.

Beginner belts: None, White, Yellow and Orange
Intermediate belts: Green, Blue and Purple
Advanced belts: Red, Brown and Black

Cardiovascular/Core Kicking Fitness

This class is very similar to a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout that focuses on your core and is a very high MET level workout.  Be prepared to be pushed beyond your limits!!  I have a martial arts background so my kick class is different than most group cardio kicking classes you may have tried in a gym.  We kick and punch pads, targets, bags ,etc. - work on strength training/toning and plyometric exercises to increase your speed and power.  Often times we work through pre-set stations.  Play good music, laugh, sweat, challenge each other, enjoy partner exercises and always leave feeling like you really worked hard to attain your personal goals.

Women's Self-Defense Workshop

This workshop is specifically designed for ladies to help increase awareness of surroundings, provide you with some self-defense techniques you can use if ever attacked.  The class will be a 4-week session, 45 minute classes where we will partner up in class to simulate some scenarios and practice our application of the self-defense moves.  You will also learn a couple basic kicks that you can use as well, targets will be used to practice these to develop accuracy.  We will also break some boards to teach power and confidence.  Try this class out, you can't go wrong; also learn in a non-threatening environment.