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Belt testing next week, October 17th: 2 different groups, beginner belts will begin at 5:30, and advanced belt testing for Tom Ebert going for brown will be at 7 pm...come out to support and watch, help, cheer, etc.
Took Savannah Saunders to a local TKD tournament last Sat, Oct. 7th in Essex, MD.  She won 1st place in both events: Traditional Kukkiwon Form #6 and Breaking - 3 stations (three 360 round kicks, flying side over box, and 360 back kick) all broken on 1st attempt with thicker boards!!!  Great work - she trains hard and is very dedicated :-)  SUPER PROUD COACH/INSTRUCTOR
Studio recently has added Brazilian Jujitsu classes on Sunday's at 3 pm.... Master Michelle is taking the classes (white belt), that are being taught by another instructor.  Bio and more pics to follow!!

Stay tuned and reach out if you have an interest in participating.  Our next class is set for this weekend, Sunday July 30th.

We worked very hard over the spring to raise funds to send students to California for USAT Taekwondo Nationals!  Was only able to take Tania Martinez with our fundraising efforts along with Andrea Hopkins but the 2 of them represented our school very well.  CONGRATS to you both for a fine job training for your 1st Nationals competition in USAT Taekwondo.


We came home with 1 bronze medal, Tania Martinez competed in girls 15-17 blue belt Poomsae and she won.  Andrea Hopkins had a harder division with more competition girls 15-17 red belt Poomsae - she did well but was 2nd up out of 23 girls and she didn't place this year.


I was very proud to have them both represent our studio for the 1st competion at this level.  SUPER happy with their progress, determination and overall development.  They are also assistant instructors at the school and constantly help other students grow!


Their was a newspaper article if you want to check it out...Frederick News Post on Sat. July 26th...front page.  Just google "Tucker's Taekwondo"


WAY TO GO TEAM !!!!!!!

OH YEAH, and my mini TKD Tournament Team, went to USAT MD State TKD Championships last weekend in Bel Air, MD, and we came home with 3 GOLD, 3 SILVER and 1 BRONZE medal and 5 out of 7 athletes qualified for US NATIONALS this summer! 


KUDOS to each one of your for all your hard work, dedication and commitment to TKD.  Even if you didn't place you are all WINNERS! 


Brandon Grinder, 5 years old still, competed for the 1st time and took 2 silver medals and beat 7 year olds in his form!  GREAT work lil man....his sparring match was 12-8 final score, not a winner but definitely scored points and is a champion in my mind. 



Students are preparing for our next competition...March 1st, Maryland TKD qualifier for Nationals later this summer in California.

Belt testing - Feb 20th

(5-7 pm)...come watch your fellow students and support them!

VERY PROUD TO ANNOUNCE WE ENTERED ANOTHER TKD TOURNMENT...this time took 8 students...competed in 18 events, and won 16 trophies !!!!!!






VERY VERY VERY good day!


Ms. Michelle is testing for her 4th DAN - Masters with Grand Master Holloway in June 2013 :-).......

CONGRATULATIONS to some students who competed last weekend in TKD tournament, May 11th:



John Schading (18), 1st Degree black belt competed in Men's (18-32) forms and won 1st place.


Fabian Perez (11), yellow belt and my first student I took to a competition :-), competed in Boy's (10-11) and won 1st place in Breaking and 3rd place in both forms and sparring.



Way to go for our 1st outing !!!!!!!

1st Belt Testing was very successful....students really stepped up and have grown since we opened in the Fall.  I am very proud of each of you!!


We also went down this past weekend to watch the World Tae Kwon Do Federation - MD State TKD Championships, and are working on forming our own Tournament Team.


See Ms. Michelle for details and upcoming trainings we are planning for Saturday afternoons soon!!


Also want to know who is interested in taking part in our DEMO team.  Will have events this Spring and Summer to participate in.  Check back later for more information.